What is My Linked Solution?

We provide unique and effective marketing services to sales professionals through social media platforms.


Contacts = Contracts


We are thrilled to announce a partnership with PREAPP 1003! MyLinkedSolution generates high quality leads, and PREAPP 1003 helps you close them on auto pilot. It’s a perfect marriage, and lenders are having amazing results.

1.Easy Set Up

Set up takes minutes!

2. Social Media

We help manage your social media marketing and provide high quality content

3. Search

We use our advanced search algorithms to target potential buyers and sellers across multiple platforms


4. Custom Scripts

Custom and engaging scripts written by our copywriting team

5. Connect

We reach out to 100+ targeted prospects each day on your behalf

6. Build Relationships

We dramatically increase your sphere and send leads directly to your PREAPP 1003 account.

Free Scripts!

We’ve provided prewritten scripts to get your creative juices flowing – we encourage you to modify to your voice and industry.

Spend less time. Find more leads. Grow sales.


Turn more LinkedIn contacts into customers

What People Are Saying.

  • When I started with My Linked Solution I had under 1,000 contacts that weren’t very easy to communicate with as the LinkedIn platform is kind of clunky and for some strange reason very few people engage with you after you’ve connected with them. Now I have over 7,200 connections, all of which are in my industry and I’ve had actual engagement with many of them. What’s more is now I can connect with my contacts off of the LinkedIn platform which results in much higher engagement as well. I’m not just a big fan of the product, I’m an enthusiastic user!

    Frank Garay
    Frank Garay Co-Founder National Real Estate Post
  • MyLinkedSolution is a great product that pairs perfectly with PreApp 1003. The leads are conversational in nature, and I am blown away by all the activity I personally have gotten through MyLinkedSolution. The PreAPP team is very excited about our partnership and we encourage everyone to see just how many leads MyLinkedSolution can get them!

    Dru Brents
    Dru Brents Founder PreApp 1003

Affordable Pricing Packages


Pricing varies based on region and desired features.

Our services include:

Help Manage your social media marketing

Quality content drips across your social media platforms

Advanced Search algorithms for targeted connections

Proven content scripts written by our team

Personalized messages to leads

Access to a “user portal” to keep track of all the leads

Email drip campaigns to convert leads and stay in front of your prospects

Average of 800+ new connections, 100+ conversations each month!

FREE PREAPP 1003 Account!

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