Put your Lead Generation on Auto Pilot

It’s time to hire your own lead generation team because you deserve to get more leads, in less time for less money

Our goal is to make your business grow

What if we could do the following for you every month?

• Grow your network by 800 new connections every month.

• Help you engage in over 100 new conversations with highly targeted prospects in your area each month.

• Which leads to you scheduling 4-6 new meetings each month with minimal follow-up.

• The best part? On average we are 1/4 of the cost of most lead generation services.

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Our Services

Our Services are easy to set up and consist of 3 easy steps!

Step 1

 Building Your Prospective List

First, we work with you to create your ideal target prospect list. Reaching out only to the people that you are interested in.

Step 2

Creating the Right Message for your Prospect

Then our professional team creates personalized cold outreach messages that get send to thousands of targeted prospects every month on your behalf.

Step 3

Closing the Deal

Once your prospects respond, you can engage with them via your personal portal to schedule a call and close the deal.

Some of Our Clients Include
“My Linked Solution is an innovative and effective platform for any agent looking to expand their connections and generate new business on auto-pilot. Highly recommend!” Berry Jenkins

Club Wealth Coach and Team Leader at Better Homes and Gardens

“As a Team Leader, I’m always working on attracting top talent to my brokerage and team. My Linked Solution has allowed me to automate that system and start conversations with agents I want to be in business with. It has helped me grow and scale with ease” Nick Baldwin

Co Founder, Lab Coat Agents

“So glad I found out about My Linked Solution. I’ve already increased my sphere of influence by over 3,000 new contacts and I’ve only been using this product for 3 months. I don’t usually endorse products, but I’ve really come to appreciate all the value the team over at My Linked Solution are creating for me.” Misti Bruton

Club Wealth BSM Conference 2018 Speaker

“Lab Coat Agents is all about automation and “think outside the box” products. My Linked Solution fits both those categories. I’m getting high quality leads coming in through my social media automatically. All I have to do is consistently respond. It’s great!”

Tristan Ahumada

Founder of Lab Coat Agents | Club Wealth BSM Conference 2018 Speaker

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