Most frequent questions and answers

What is My Linked Solution ?

My Linked Solution is a proven and complete social media lead generation agency that does all the top of the funnel work for you.

- Build qualified lists that fit your ideal customer profiles that are active on social media.
- Write persuasive and personal outreach messages that generate interest.
- Send out thousands of personal messages aligned with your branding to qualified prospects you are looking for.

- Generate positive responses straight to your personal portal inbox, where all you have to do is respond.

What results should I expect every month from My Linked Solution’s campaign?

On average, My Linked Solution’s clients are generating around 400-600 new connections, 100-150 unique conversations.

Can My Linked Solution help me optimize my social media profile?

When you sign up with My Linked Solution, we can help you optimize your social media account headline and make profile picture recommendations upon request, as part of the onboarding process in order to increase your response rates.

Does My Linked Solution need access to my social media account?


My Linked Solutions lead generation campaigns are so successful because the outreach is coming directly from your personalized profile. We have found that having an extra personal touch will dramatically increase your positive response rate.

Is there a risk of my profile being suspended by my social media platforms if I use My Linked Solution?

My Linked Solution has never had a client’s profile permanently shut down by any social media platforms in two and a half years of operation while working with hundreds of clients.We will only send messages with your approved script and never send spam messages.

Does My Linked Solution respond to prospects messages for me?


We’ve found that clients know the ins and outs their business best and should be the ones responding to new prospects messages.

How do I change what prospects I want to reach out to?

You can contact our team at [email protected]

How do I make changes to my messaging copy that gets sent out to prospects?

You can reach out to our team at [email protected] and we’ll improve your messaging.

Does My Linked Solution send messages to contacts I already have in my network?


My Linked Solution excludes all your current connections prior to launching your social media outreach campaign. All your current connections will not be messaged with the outreach campaign you have created.

How long does it take to get set-up with My Linked Solution?

My Linked Solution can get you started within 1-3 business days from the onboarding call after your official sign-up taking place.

If I respond to prospect messages, will you still send follow up messages to them?

Our system will stop messaging to your prospects after their initial response.

Can I run more than one account with My Linked Solution?

Yes. You can run as many as you’d like. Our largest client is running 30+ accounts with us.

How do I add multiple My Linked Solution accounts?

You can schedule a meeting with your account manager to bring more accounts on board.

Can I use into my social media account after I start with My Linked Solution?

Although, please don’t send more than 10 outreach messages or connection requests per day at the same time My Linked Solution campaigns are running.

How often can I make changes to my My Linked Solution campaigns?

Once per month but if your campaigns are not performing well then, My Linked Solution will make sure to adjust targeting and messaging to ensure success. Please notify your account manager if you think your My Linked Solution campaigns are not performing the way you would want to.

How often am I able to contact my dedicated My Linked Solution account manager?

As often as you want via email. We do not currently have a customer service phone line.

Does My Linked Solution offer refunds?

Because we put so much up-front effort into starting your services, we unfortunately do not offer refunds.

What are My Linked Solution’s hours of operations?

Monday-Friday 9 AM – 5 PM PST